Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in the United States
  • A home fire occurs every 72 seconds
  • Fire doubles in size every 20 seconds
  • 20 people die in home fires every 24 hours
Hawkeye Alarm offers a full line of fire alarm systems specifically engineered for residential or commercial applications. We offer a 2-zone control panel, to the largest addressable panel. We can design and install your system to city and state codes. After the installation we provide fire alarm testing and certification for our customers.

Alarm Monitoring Systems
Hawkeye Alarm offers you the latest in Central Station Alarm Monitoring through our agreement with Diebold Inc., a trusted name in the security industry. If you would prefer to have an immediate dispatch, your alarm signal can be sent direct to our alarm receiver at the 911 Center. A cellular alarm transmitter can also be installed as a backup, in case the telephone lines are down. Whichever monitoring option you choose, be assured it’s the best we can offer and that HELP IS ON THE WAY!